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You Are Always Welcome at North Shelby Baptist Church

Established in 1993 and growing, we are a “mid-size” congregation, conservative in doctrine and worship -- liberal in love and giving.We are a traditional Southern Baptist Church. Our ministry statement is "Loving God and One Another, Sharing Jesus with the World.""

Committed to the Great Commandment, Loving God and one another, our worship is heart-felt. You will find that we actively practice prayer and offer a close-knit church family for people of all ages.

Conveniently located on US 280, on the slope of Double Oak Mountain, near Birmingham, Alabama.




9:00 a.m. Sunday School

10:15 a.m.  Worship in sanctuary

5:00 p.m. Discipleship Classes

6:00 p.m Evening Worship


5:30 - 6:30 p.m. Fellowship Supper; $6 adults; $4 Child 12-3; 2 and under free; $20 family max

5:15 pm - Orchestra Practice in choir room    

6:30 p.m. Bible studies and prayer meeting for adults; youth and children’s activities for all ages

7:30 pm - Adult Choir Practice

visitor-sunday-school.jpgGrowing Together in God's Word

Have you thought about joining a Sunday School Class? You might be thinking, “Why should I? Or “What’s in it for me?”

Bible study at 9:00 a.m. every Sunday gives you a chance to learn more about God’s word, your relationship with him and your relationships with your family, neighbors and coworkers. As you grow closer to your fellow classmates, you’ll find that they become great friends and encouragers.


North Shelby Baptist Church is located on Double Oak Mountain off Highway 280.

From Birmingham, take Highway 280 East from I-459.
Go 6.6 miles over the crest of the mountain to Belcher Drive.
Turn right onto Belcher Drive; the campus is on a hill easily visible from Highway 280.

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North Shelby Baptist welcomes you and your child.  Your child is special to us.  It is our desire to minister to your child’s spiritual, physical, and emotional needs.  Our rooms are divided by age and staffed by trained and loving caregivers.  We are committed to providing a warm, caring, and secure environment for your child.

9:00 AM   Sunday School for children of all ages
10:15 AM  Children's Worship for 1st - 5th graders; Worship care for preschoolers. No children's worship on the first and last Sunday of each month

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Sunday Service Times

9:00AM Sunday School For All Ages

10:15AM & 6:00PM Worship Services

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Ministry Minute

“Would you like to come to church with me this Sunday?” Itseems like such a basic question that we can be tempted to wonderif it is even worth asking. We rationalize to ourselves, “If myneighbor wanted to go church, they’d already be going. Theyprobably pass fifty churches on the way to work!” That may betrue, but there is power in a personal invitation. An example frommy own life: the church I consider my home church and where Icame to faith in Jesus Christ is Taylor Road Baptist in Montgomery,Alabama. The reason my family and I first attended thatchurch as “immigrants” to the South from Indiana is because my6th grade teacher, Jane Burdeshaw, invited us to her church. Mysister and I became believers there, my dad became a deacon, andmy parents sang in the choir and taught Sunday school. We founda church home and a family of faith. It was a simple question formy teacher to ask, but it made a life-changing impact on my family.
We have the opportunity to be that person who offers a simple butprofound invitation to come to church. Think of the people youknow who are not a part of a church family. Consider the peopleyou know who need to know the Lord. Think of friends, coworkers,neighbors, and family members. Think of those from differentbackgrounds. You don’t have to look far to realize that the nationshave come to us. I took our two oldest children to get their hair cutthe other night, and both ladies that cut their hair were from twodifferent countries. Walking back to the car, there was an Asiancouple leaving the grocery store speaking in a different language.All of this happened not in downtown Birmingham, but in Chelsea.We have the opportunity to be international missionariessimply by inviting someone to church! The nations are here, andmany people are desperately looking for a place to belong and realcommunity.The following is an excerpt from an article in Christianity Today.“In our post-Christian nation, people who are skeptical of the faithare often attracted to the Christian community before they areattracted to the Christian message. Therefore, introducing peopleinto the relational network of a local church community becomesan important aspect of their journey to the faith.” People are attractedto genuine community, and the community of Christiansshould be different (in a good way) from any other community onearth. John 13:35 tells us, “By this everyone will know that youare my disciples, if you love one another.” May our love for eachother be a compelling reason for newcomers to join the church,and may we love our neighbors enough to invite themmore...

Minister's Minute

Our students recently finished an amazing Disciple Nowweekend where they learned to not fear things of the worldand to put their trust in God. One of the great parts of theweekend was that Jason Cook, our speaker, preached messagesthat were so well timed and relevant for our studentsand our church. He preached the first night out of Joshua1:6-9 and the points he made are challenging and fresh remindersto help us during our time of transition. Here aresome of his points (paraphrased) and my takeaways fromthem:1. Fear in transition is due to a lack of trust in God.Understand that fear during change is primarilycaused by your lack of control in the future and yourattachment to good things of the past. God hasblessed our church in the past, so trust in what He iswilling to do and capable of doing in the future. Ifyou have any feelings of anxiety, go to the Lord inprayer (Philippians 4:6-7). Don’t be fearful, bestrong and courageous!2. Courage comes from meditating on God’s wordand His promises. Instead of letting your minddwell on what is uncertain, focus on what is certain.Read and meditate on God’s word and remind yourselfwho God is and how faithful He is. There’s nobetter way to cast out fear than to fix your eyes onthe one who has the power and authority to conquerany fear. Knowing God’s word makes you strongand courageous!3. Boldness will come from knowing God is with us.The same God who has brought us to this point willbe with us in the future. Trust Him, for He will neverstop being faithful to His people. Be strong and courageous,for the Lord is with you!We serve a sovereign, loving God who holds the future ofour church in His hands. Put all of your confidence in Himand be hopeful of how God will use our church for His glorynow and in the future.It’s a joy to serve with you all,Alex LovornP.S. On Sunday, March 11th at 6:00 pm we will have aprayer service to seek God during this transition time. Itwould be great to have our whole church united inprayer together for our churchmore...

Positive Changes

The word “change” often scares people becausewe do not know the outcome. Still there aremany changes that are positive whether it is a childlearning to walk, a daughter who has graduated fromcollege, or a marriage that is woven together by God’sgrace. Change is positive and I believe that God willuse our change at North Shelby Baptist Church in apositive way.This past Sunday, February 18th, the churchvoted in our new interim pastor, Dr. Gary Fenton. Heis a well thought of believer in our community and weare very grateful to have his wisdom and insight withinour church walls. As I said change can be scary butin this case God’s glory will prevail. In the past monthour previous Pastor, Allan Murphy, and our Ministerof Music and Administration, Randy Tingle, retiredand we are extremely grateful for their hard work anddedication to extend God’s kingdom. We have lovedthem deeply and we will continue to pray and encouragethem as they minister to others while in theirretirement.The Bible speaks of change and how it is apositive characteristic in our lives as Christians.Romans 5:19-20 reads, “For just as through the disobedienceof the one man the many were made sinners,so also through the obedience of the one man themany will be made righteous. The law was brought inso that the trespass might increase. But where sin increased,grace increased all the more.” Without thischange in our lives we would not be able to be inHeaven with God for eternity. Without the one man,Jesus Christ, dying on the cross for our sins we wouldnot be able to go to paradise. Change is scary butwhen God is involved change is glorious.Love,Julie Donavan, Children’s MinisterP.S.I would like to welcome the Boozer family to ourcongregation. John and Patricia Boozer joined NorthShelby Baptist Church Sunday, February 18, 2018.Dr. John Boozer is our Interim Minister of Music.more...


Randy led us in a wonderful worship experiencethis past Sunday! Thanks to all those involvedincluding the choir, orchestra, instrumentalists, and mediacrew. Thanks to those who made his retirementbrunch a wonderful event as well. We had a good timelast Sunday evening at our Valentine’s Banquet, aswell. Thanks to those who decorated, cooked, andserved. It was an emotional Sunday, but it was good.With two retirements in less than two weeks,we as a church family are officially in a season ofchange. Part of that change will involve the opportunityto hear from some different writers in this space.Change can be exciting, but if you’re like me, we tendto be creatures of habit. With so many phobias outthere, I knew there had to be a name for the fear ofchange. While there are several terms for the fear ofchange or newness according to the internet, but myfavorite was, “cainotophobia.” That’s your word for theday. Try to work that into a conversation. Example:“Well, Bill, the wife really wants to remodel our masterbathroom, but I just don’t want to. I don’t know, maybeit’s just my cainotophobia.” Or another: “Every time I gothat restaurant, I always order the same thing. I know Ishould try something different, but I just can’t on accountof my cainotophobia.” You get the idea.The thing is, as believers, we know that allchange is under the Lord’s control. The PersonnelCommittee has the weighty task of filling three key staffpositions, including pastor, but God is in control. Maywe as a church be faithful to pray for the PersonnelCommittee as they seek the Lord’s guidance. But maywe also rest in the fact that God is in control. Churchleadership may change, but our mission as a churchremains the same: “Loving God and One Another,Sharing Jesus with the World.” We are to be growingdisciples of Jesus who make other disciples of Jesus.That task will never change until the Lord returns! Soregarding the changes we face, may we be encouragedby Paul’s words from Philippians 4:6-7, “Do not beanxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayerand petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests toGod. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding,will guard your hearts and your minds inChrist Jesus.” And may cainotophobia have no place atNorth Shelby Baptist Church! The Lord is working andexciting things are ahead.Thanks,Jon Jeffriesmore...

From Randy Tingle

Good morning everyone!  I want to start off by saying THANKS to everyone for all of the sweet support, cards, encouraging words, hugs, and gifts that you have given me and Vicki.  Not only the last few weeks but over the twenty years we have been at North Shelby.  You have become and are our family, and that will never change regardless of our status at North Shelby! There are sooooo many things I want to say but not enough time or space to remember them all.  Also, I know I will leave out someone so let me just say it has been an exciting twenty years.  We have seen so many good times from Disaster Relief, Easter Pageants, Ridgecrest Music Workshops, Piano Conferences, Staff Yearly Planning Meetings, Extravaganzas, Fall Festivals, Revivals, Special Event Services, Recitals, Student, Children, Adult Gatherings, Orchestra and even Choir Practices! I have seen our church grow in families, programs, and even staff but the family feel has not changed.  That is commendable, and something that needs to be continue.  I remember in the early days of my ministry here we would be in a meeting and we decided to do something new and the phrase heard was, “we’ve never done that before” that was always exciting, new ground, new adventures, new growth.  Different from many churches that say “we’ve never done it like that before,” typically meaning we can’t and don’t want to do it like that.  After twenty-four years, there are a lot of things we have done, however I feel the same spirit of even if we have done something the church is open to new ideas as well as new ways, or approaches to doing things, and that is commendable. I am pleased to have met the two men that are taking my place, Chris Byrd in the Administration area, and John Boozer in the Music area.  I’m sure they will do things different from me but both are very capable men and will do a good job at North Shelby Baptist Church. May God Bless each of you in the days ahead.  North Shelby will for ever be in mine and Vicki’s memory and prayers!
I will always love you,     Randy Tinglemore...

NSBC's Kindness

I do not think I am the best pastor NSBC could have had, but I have been the blessed pastor NSBC has had.  We came from eight years of trying to be “church planters” on a volcanic rock Caribbean   island, breaking ground, learning the language and culture, becoming acceptable to fellow islanders, preaching Jesus.  We came to be “church planters” in Shelby County, to NSBC, a church well along in the process, though still with “mission” characteristics—no   permanent meeting site, no long-term ministry team, a mixture of donated chairs, hymnals, offering plates, pulpit and Lord’s Supper table.  
Most of the time, it was fun to make-do.  We put up walls together in one of the shopping center storefronts for adult Sunday School classes.  Moving to the former Shady Grove Missionary Baptist Church site, we built a boardwalk to connect our trailers and built classrooms and a large stage in the “Butler Building” worship   center.  We have developed fruitful ministries and have seen     miraculous divine provision here on Double Oak Mountain.
NSBC has been kind to Mary and me.  We did not have a reception when we married in a hospital chapel in 1973, but you gave us a sweet reception for our 25th Anniversary in June 1998.  When daughter Joy drowned in June 1999, you consoled and loved us.  You gave us a month’s sabbatical in June 2000—to travel to Tapachula, Mexico, to see where Joy died.  On the church’s 15th Anniversary, 2008, you gave us a trip to Israel, what a blessing for any preacher and any Christian! 
I consider myself a “jack of all trades” as a pastor and “a master of none,” a fair counselor, a fair administrator, and a fair preacher (“plain vanilla,” as I say).  About all I know to do well is to love the church, to know you and to serve you.
This past Sunday, you overwhelmed us with a beautiful retirement reception, tremendous Gospel music, and such loving words!
I will always love you,     Brother Allan
PS: Welcome Bubba & Rachelle Green, Bella Green; Alan & Renae Miller, with their kids: Lacey, Colt, and Anderson; Lisa Spainhoward, Sabie Vanhorne, and John Caleb & Jessica Threadcraft, with their kids: Shea Keenan and Noah, into the NSBC family!  Come for my final     Sunday, January 28, and final Wednesday, January 31—free fried chicken! (Tell us that you’re coming to be sure we have enough chicken.)more...

New Year, Changes, Challenges

Uh oh!  I knew it was coming, but it is here—2018 and the final month of my service as your pastor.  In some ways, it is like a visit to the dentist or other doctor; you know you need it, you want to find out how you’re doing, but there is      trepidation.
I love being your pastor.  Have you noticed?  I tell you every week!  I want to find out how I have done, what kind of   disciples I have made in 23 years with you.  That will be shown by how you “walk” without me.  Jesus said, “Go and make disciples—baptizing them and teaching them to obey all that I have commanded.”  I am rooting for you to do   better without me than while I have been with you.
I have four Sunday mornings and evenings and five  Wednesday evenings.  The Sunday morning sermons will continue the I Am a Church Member series.  We have considered “I Will Be a Functioning Church Member” and “I Will Be a Unifying Church Member.”  This Sunday, we   consider “I Will Be an Unselfish Church Member.”
You were so kind to send Christmas greetings to me and all of us on your church staff!  Wow!  What services we have enjoyed!  The Children’s Choir and individual church    members on December 3, the Church Choir (with Student        Ensemble, Children’s Choir, and orchestra) on December 10, and then the Four-Piano Concert (with Church Choir and        orchestra) on December 17—all the best ever!  The      Christmas Eve Candles, Carols, & Communion service is always a highlight of the church year.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  
Has not our Lord blessed us!  We also had the joy of several coming to Christ and coming forward for baptism.  End-of-the-year giving was outstanding.  We ended 2017 by meeting our Church Budget goal and begin 2018 strong!  Keep     giving.  Our 2018 mission     projects begin soon.
I love you,  Brother Allan
PS: Welcome Lilah Warren, Brian Jones and Tori Jones into the North Shelby Baptist Church family.more...

Candles, Carols & Communion

I got the idea from my aunt’s Presbyterian church, before my first pastorate during college—a Christmas Eve service with the Lord’s Supper, early enough to be before a family dinner and late enough for those who work to come by on their way home—5:00 to 5:45 pm.  My good friend and preaching predecessor here at North Shelby Baptist Church, Brother Gene Nail, did not serve the Lord’s Supper on Christmas Eve, but I think it helps keep the Babe in the Manger in sight of the Savior on the Cross, the “Reason for the Season.”  This Sunday, December 24, will be our 17th anniversary in our sanctuary on the mountain.  We will have Sunday School at 9:00 am and Morning Worship at 10:15 am.  There will be no committee meetings or Sunday afternoon classes, but we will start Candles, Carols, & Communion promptly at 5:00 pm with baptism, then intersperse Christmas carols and the biblical Christmas story, ending with the Lord’s Supper.  Candles will be in the windows, wall sconces will be shining, and each will get a “chemical light” candle.  Words to the carols will be projected on the screens.  It is always a sweet service, no coats and ties, and nearly at capacity.  Come early and fill the sanctuary from the front.  Sit in the middle of the rows, leaving ends open for latecomers.  We have no time to move around, and some people invariably arrive late.  Even if I am in mid-sentence, we will dismiss at 5:45 or before, but you may stay and “fellowship” while the Ordinance Committee cleans up.  Thankfully, the proposed tax law changes will still allow deductions for charitable giving, up to 60% of one’s income.  That’s much more than a tithe, which is 10%, and more than the current 50% limit.  If you have more to give for 2017, it either has to be at the church on or before December 31, which is a Sunday this year, or sent by mail and postmarked by December 31.
I love you,  Brother Allan
 PS: Welcome Anna Kate Schultz into the North Shelby Baptist Church family. more...

Tree of Remembrance

Christmas 1999 was our family’s first without daughter Joy Love Murphy.  Joy’s childhood ballet instructor, Mrs. Barbara Barker, said of our girl, “She was both a joy and a love.”  Joy loved Christmas; she had her own decorated tree in her room.  Christmas 1999 we had no heart for decorating.  We missed her so much.  
It had been six months since her death, and the funeral home called and asked me to speak at a memorial service for families they had served who had buried a loved one in 1999.  As a preacher, “in season and out of season,” of course I accepted.  After the sermon, as each name was called, we grieving families placed an ornament on the funeral home tree, as a Tree of Remembrance.  
Our church has always had a big beautiful Christmas tree, and in 2000 we began the tradition of inviting grieving families to remember their departed loved one with an ornament.
This Sunday morning, December 17, we place such ornaments on our Tree of Remembrance.  If one significant to you has died, especially in the last year, you are invited to place an ornament—white, silver, gold, or clear—on the tree.  Call the Church Office today, leaving the name of your loved one, the death date, your name, and your relation to the deceased.  We will print a listing.  Have the ornament with you as the service begins at 10:15 am.  We will have the special time when I usually have the Pastoral Prayer.  When your loved one’s name is called, come and place the ornament on the tree.  We will pray for your grieving this season, as well as thank the Lord for the gift and assurance of Heaven, because of our Savior!
I love you,     Brother Allan
PS: Welcome Tommy Battles into the North Shelby Baptist Church family.  I continue a sermon series this Sunday morning, based on a book by Thom Rainer, I Am a Church Member.  A copy of the book is available for you more...

Christmas Music

Christmas music at church is well underway.  The Deacon Christmas Banquet of December 1 featured gospel music artist Mark Bishop, singing traditional carols and several of his own compositions.  The past Sunday evening, December 3, brought us the sweet sounds of our Preschool Choir and Children’s Choir singing Christmas music.  The annual Family Christmas Music Showcase, also last Sunday evening, featured several of our church members playing and singing for Christ.  

This Sunday, December 10, at 6:00 pm, we worship under the leadership of the Church Choir, Student Ensemble,   Children’s Choir and orchestra, and   The following Sunday evening, December 17, our own Jerry Bullock and Georgia Murdock will be joined by Cheryl Ramsey and Melody Dean for a Four-Piano Concert.  The stage is literally set with four grand pianos and our large electronic piano/organ.  (The Church Choir will join the piano(s) on December 17.)
Sunday at church, December 24, begins with Sunday School, then Morning Worship, and ends with a 45-minute, 5:00-5:45, “Candles, Carols, & Communion.”  This annual event is a favorite for families.  Casual dress before your family’s Christmas Eve dinner helps us all focus on the “reason for the season”— the Christ of Christmas.
I love you,     Brother Allan
PS: Welcome Jim & Tara Schultz into the North Shelby   Baptist Church family, along with daughter Anna Kate.  I begin a six-sermon series this Sunday morning, based on a book by Thom Rainer, I Am a Church Member.  A copy is available for you.  Sundays, December 10 and 17 and then January 7, 14, 21, and 28, will complete the series and end my preaching as your pastor.more...