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You Are Always Welcome at North Shelby Baptist Church

Established in 1993 and growing, we are a “mid-size” congregation, conservative in doctrine and worship -- liberal in love and giving.We are a traditional Southern Baptist Church. Our ministry statement is "Loving God and One Another, Sharing Jesus with the World.""

Committed to the Great Commandment, Loving God and one another, our worship is heart-felt. You will find that we actively practice prayer and offer a close-knit church family for people of all ages.

Committed to the Great Commission, Sharing Jesus with the world NSBC is a missions minded church. Pastor Allan Murphy and Minister of Education Jon Jeffries are former foreign missionaries. Various volunteer mission teams travel in and outside of the USA to minister each year. We support and participate in the mission and ministries of the Southern Baptist Convention, the Alabama Baptist Convention, and the Shelby Baptist Association.

Conveniently located on US 280, on the slope of Double Oak Mountain, near Birmingham, Alabama.



9:00 a.m. Sunday School

10:15 a.m.  Worship in sanctuary; Children’s Worship in the Children’s area of educational building

5:00 p.m. Discipleship Classes

6:00 p.m Evening Worship


5:30 - 6:30 p.m. Fellowship Supper; $5 per adult / $3.25 per child under 12 yrs. (Call the church office at 995-9056 by noon on Monday for reservations)    

6:30 p.m. Bible studies and prayer meeting for adults; youth and children’s activities for all ages

visitor-sunday-school.jpgGrowing Together in God's Word

Have you thought about joining a Sunday School Class? You might be thinking, “Why should I? Or “What’s in it for me?”

Bible study at 9:00 a.m. every Sunday gives you a chance to learn more about God’s word, your relationship with him and your relationships with your family, neighbors and coworkers. As you grow closer to your fellow classmates, you’ll find that they become great friends and encouragers.


North Shelby Baptist Church is located on Double Oak Mountain off Highway 280.

From Birmingham, take Highway 280 East from I-459.
Go 6.6 miles over the crest of the mountain to Belcher Drive.
Turn right onto Belcher Drive; the campus is on a hill easily visible from Highway 280.

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North Shelby Baptist welcomes you and your child.  Your child is special to us.  It is our desire to minister to your child’s spiritual, physical, and emotional needs.  Our rooms are divided by age and staffed by trained and loving caregivers.  We are committed to providing a warm, caring, and secure environment for your child.

9:00 AM   Sunday School for children of all ages
10:15 AM  The R.O.C.K. for children in grades 1 -5

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Sunday Service Times

9:00AM Sunday School For All Ages

10:15AM & 6:00PM Worship Services

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Tingle Notes

4/20/17Good morning everyone!Good practice last night, good attendance, and one new choir member! Welcome MorganMoore!Sunday, the Choral Call to Worship will be “My Tribute” from the hymnal with the orchestra.The Choral Message will be “Be Thou My Vision.”Our revival will start Sunday, April 30th, through Wednesday, May 3rd. Please plan on comingand singing in the choir each night. On Sunday night, the service will begin at 6:00 pm. We willmeet in the Sanctuary at 5:40 to go over what we are singing, because the children and thestudent worship team will sing with the Adult choir for our Choral Message that night. Mondaythrough Wednesday night, the service will begin at 7:00 pm, and the choir will meet in the choirroom at 6:30 each night to rehearse our music.PRODUCTION TEAM: We will need a full team for every service. We will use the screensand we want to record each service, if possible. ALSO: On Sunday night, the Children’s Choirand Student Praise team will be joining the Sunday Morning Choir for our Choral Message thatnight, the 30th. We will need a wired microphone to pick up the children, who will be standingon the piano side top step. The students will need 4 hand held wireless microphones, and 4microphone cable hook ups with Direct Boxes, for (2-electric pianos, 2 guitars’), also 1 wiredmicrophone for the Drum Box. All of the Sunday night setup has to be set up and workingby 5:30 when everyone will begin the sound check/run through. We will also have a practicetime this coming Wednesday night, the 26th, if someone can be here to practice with us and get ajump on the set up sound check/run through at 7:30. If your team can have have everything setup for the Wednesday night practice then we can just move everything to the side for Sundaymorning making is much easier for the Sunday night set up. Just a thought, it’s totally your call.My hope is in Christ Alone,Randy TingleInterruptions or Opportunitiesby Mark Sooy, Hopkins, Michigan, www.MarkSooy.comJesus took the apostles "with him...so that they could be alone. But the crowds found out about this andfollowed Him. He welcomed them." (Luke 9:10b-11a)I don't know about you, but it seems to me that life gets busier with each passing day. We can have work to do, phone calls to make, children to shuttle from one thing to the next, and a myriad of other responsibilities that pull us in every direction. It is often overwhelming as we seek to care for our own needs, but also desire to care for those around us.Of course Jesus had a busy schedule as well. He devoted Himself to mentor twelve men in living as obedient believers and leaders. He taught regularly in the synagogues, the temple, on the beach, on the mountains and in the streets. His healing ministry caused crowds of people to gather around Him, if only to touch His robe and be healed of their infirmities.In addition to that, Jesus walked from town to town to share the Good News of the kingdom. His ministry spread over many miles and touched countless people. He seemed to be constantly moving, and noted at one point that He had "no place to lay His head."As the twelve began to be more involved in ministry, Jesus recognized their need for rest and time alone. After an especially demanding time of preaching and curing the sick, Jesus "took them with Him to a city called Bethsaida so that they could be alone" (Luke 9:10b). Jesus knew that the excitement and stress of ministry was great, and He attempted to provide for their refreshment.This was an excellent plan -- until the crowds found out about it. In the middle of this important retreat, throngs of people started showing up. They had many needs, and they knew that Jesus was the answer to their problems. They could hear the Good News to nourish their souls, be cured of their diseases to fix their bodies, and -- if they were lucky -- they might have a picnic lunch provided by Christ and the apostles!Each time I read this story I am surprised at the response Jesus has to these demanding, self-interested crowds that come at the most inconvenient of times: He welcomes them! He opens His heart and draws them into His love. Unlike my automatic response of irritation at the inconvenience, His consistent response is to reach into their lives. He talks to them about the kingdom of God, He cures their sickness, and in this instance, provides lunch! Jesus responded out of a gracious heart in every situation.This brings me back to the busy lives that we lead today. We all need a break from the grind of daily responsibilities, and often the rest that we plan for a weekend or some other time gets interrupted. We lie down for a nap, and the phone rings. We sit in our favorite chair to read, and our spouse wants to talk (or a friend, or son, or daughter).Even in the worship ministries of our churches the demands can seem overwhelming. We may have a tight schedule for rehearsal; we can't afford any interruptions. And when the rehearsal or ministry time is over, we're out the door, headed to the next all-important whatever.But... what if we took the time to care for one another? How might we respond in a more Christ-like way when inconvenienced by someone? Are there people in the worship ministry of your church who need a touch from Jesus that you could give? Are there folks in your church who need to feel loved after the Sunday service? Do we really need to be in such a hurry that we ignore such people?Of course, it's vital that we rely on the Holy Spirit's prompting to respond appropriately in each situation. Yet Jesus gave us a great example and His Word tells us to do likewise, bearing one another's burdens. So maybe part of our planning should be to leave some extra time to respond and, like Jesus, be aware of the people around us. We have something they need -- Jesus! Let us give freely of Him with an open and loving heart.more...


“Revival refers to a spiritual reawakening from a state of dormancy or stagnation in the life of a believer. It encompasses the resurfacing of a love for God, an appreciation of God's holiness, a passion for His Word and His church, a convicting awareness of personal and corporate sin, a spirit of humility, and a desire for repentance and growth in righteousness.” (The preceding quotation is from www.gotquestions.org.)Charles Spurgeon wrote of revival— “It is clear that the, term ‘revival’ can only be applied to a living soul, or to that which once lived. To be revived is a blessing which can only be enjoyed by those who have some degree of life. Those who have no spiritual life are not, and cannot be, in the strictest sense of the term, the subjects of a revival. Many blessings may come to the unconverted in consequence of a revival among Christians, but the revival itself has to do only with those who already possess spiritual life. There must be vitality in some degree before there can be a quickening of vitality, or, in other words, a revival.“A true revival is to be looked for in the church of God. Only in the river of gracious life can the pearl of revival be found. It has been said that a revival must begin with God's people; this is very true, but it is not all the truth, for the revival itself must end as well as begin there. The results of the revival will extend to the outside world, but the revival, strictly speaking, must be within the circle of life, and must therefore essentially be enjoyed by the possessors of vital godliness and by them only. Is not this quite a different view of revival from that which is common in society; but is it not manifest-ly the correct one?”One of our revival hymns is “Send a Great Revival.” The chorus says, “Send a great revival in my soul; let the Holy Spirit come and take control, and send a great revival in my soul.” Do you see the object—“in my soul”? North Shelby Baptist Church needs revival, spiritual reawakening from stagnation and a desire for growth in righteousness. May we pray that God would send revival! (Our revival meeting is scheduled for April 30- May 3.)I love you,Brother AllanPS: After church, a kid from Children’s Church asked me to help her to be saved. I talked with her and her mom and brother. She received Christ as her personal Savior on Easter Sunday!more...


Easter attendance is always higher than a normal Sunday, 512 at NSBC last Easter, not only with visitors but with members we have not seen lately.  (Preachers call them, “C&E members”—Christmas & Easter members.)  I want all of our 800 members who live in the area to be here together in worship every Sunday, but we are at the church age and stage that 35% is the average membership attendance—except on Easter.  I am grateful for each one who comes any Sunday, Easter included.  I found the following interesting.From the Acton Institute blog (Joe Carter, "5 Facts About Easter in America," Acton Institute blog, 3-24-16):In 2015, more Americans searched for "church" on Google in the week leading up to Easter Sunday than any other week in the year. (When including the word "service"—so that the full search term is "church service"—Christmas exceeds Easter, though both Easter and Christmas exceed all other weeks in search activity.)Major television networks pay attention to these trends, and the four big networks usually run overtly Christian programming during primetime slot on their Easter Sunday schedule.        Easter spending—projected at more than 17 billion dollars—is significant, though not necessarily religiously motivated. Americans spend more on candy for Easter than for Halloween. The average American celebrating Easter is expected to spend $28.11 on candy.I look forward to seeing you Easter Sunday.  Come at 8:00 am, if you can.  (I call that the “suburban sunrise service.”)  We hope to be full for the 10:15 service, the Lord willing.  Invite your neighbors.  They might be “Googling” for an Easter church service to attend.I love you,         Brother Allan PS: We welcome Nan Hopkins and Connor Waddell into the North Shelby Baptist Church familymore...

Tingle Notes

Good morning everyone! 
Some would agree with Amanda’s words from last week: “Great practice last night! Maybe it was the best one this year?”  Two weeks in a row we have not had practice, this is a bad trend!  Please be in the choir room Sunday as close to 10:00 am as possible we have a lot to go over!
Sunday, we will have an Orchestra Call to Worship “The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power.” The Choral Message will be “Jesus, What a Savior” Duet: Laurie Heath and James Parsons.  
My hope is in Christ Alone,

Randy Tingle

United We Standby Carlene Archer, Chatsworth, Georgia  
"May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me." (John 17:23)A few years ago, the church I currently attend decided that God was urging them to add a new service in a worship style called "Ancient/Future." This worship style embraces the issues and creative arts of the world around us while keeping Christ's love and mercy, along with corporate worship of God, at the center of every gathering. Many elements of this type of service were quite foreign to long-standing members of the church, which has existed for over 100 years. Many Ancient/Future service details confused those accustomed to traditional worship. It took much discussion and prayer to set the service into motion under the same roof as the other two types of services already in place: a traditional Protestant service and what I fondly call "classical contemporary."During the process of planning this new worship service it sometimes seemed impossible to find enough common ground to make it happen. Resources like volunteers and meeting rooms were limited, and feelings quickly got hurt as compromises had to be made.The space chosen to hold the Ancient/Future service was not originally built for that purpose. Changes had to be made to accommodate the new format, and watching those changes take place was difficult for those who had made the original design choices. Covering the platform with musical instruments, using rough-hewn wooden tables as part of the seating arrangement, even which windows should be covered in black cloth and which shouldn't... for a while it seemed everything was a point of contention.Eventually, though, everything was worked out. Today all three types of services are held under the same roof. Every Sunday three different "flavors" of worship speak to many more people than just one type of service can.Recently, all three groups of worshipers came together for a joint Sunday morning service. The praise team from the Ancient/Future service played some songs (joined by some of the "classic contemporary" service musicians), and the choir from the traditional service sang some hymns (and backed the praise team on newer music).As I stood there on the choir risers, I could feel the three separate groups melt into one. All those precious participants -- with different life experiences, different accomplishments in their walk with God, and different opinions about what music is "proper" for a worship service -- came together and made a hugely joyful noise unto Him.For all our differences, we were one body. We were there to experience the power of the one God that allows totally different approaches in how we worship Him, and somehow makes them all right and good and true.This Easter season, as it has been for hundreds of years, all Christendom comes together to celebrate the most important event in our belief system: the resurrection of Christ that provides salvation for each of us. For all our differences in how our leaders dress, in what our musicians pick up and play (or don't play) to lead our music, what language we speak in our services, what color we paint our worship spaces or how traditional they appear... on this day we need to let all that fall away. Let's allow ourselves to feel, not the differences that divide us, but the incredible, humbling, awe-striking single event that unites us.There is power in the body of Christ joined together as one. Pause and consider, without a doubt, that you are not alone in your dedication to Him. For all the things that divide the body of Christ, Easter Sunday celebrates the foundational, eternal constant that joins us.Our verse for this week was Christ's prayer for all believers. Why? So that we might be a reflection of God's love to the world, demonstrated by how we love one another.May the power and joy of the Resurrection -- and of the body of believers united by its glory -- carry you forward from Easter, ready to shine God's light and wield the power of Christ's resurrection in a world begging for redemption.more...

Introduce Me to Your Neighbors

This Saturday, April 8, we hold an Easter Egg Hunt for kids from toddlers to 5th grade, 1:00 until 3:00 pm.  We get overrun when we put a banner on Highway 280, so we rely on you to invite your neighbors and relatives with kids. They will have a great time, rain or shine!  You are needed not only to invite but also to greet guests.  Be at church by noon; get a volunteer’s shirt; wear your church name badge; and talk to people.  Park in one of the front lots and enter Fellowship Hall.  The gospel show will be there, and then age-group egg hunts will be on the grassy areas out back.The Lord blessed the recent construction mission in Washington State.  “The weather outside was frightful” (cold and rainy), but the fellowship inside was delightful.  The Alder Street Baptist Church congregation was grateful and attentive to our needs.  They provided coffee all day and lunch at midday, and then brought Wednesday supper to eat with us.  We did not finish all we began, but we completed two tasks—installation of two heating units (no air conditioning needed) and installation of a water heater & circulator for the baptistery.  Pastor Rudy Nix jokingly said he could use it as hot tub!  Insulating and sheet rocking eight classrooms, ceilings and walls, went as far as insulating all outside walls, hanging all ceilings, and finishing the four walls of four rooms.  We left them unused material and cash to cover insulating the ceilings.  Pastor Nix said we accomplished in four days what had taken their church 10 years, comparatively.  It is humbling to be an answer to years of praying by a church 2,600 miles away.  We pray that they will reach many for Christ, that they might regularly baptize in the baptism pool, and that the church might grow strong.  Thanks for praying with us.Our Revival meeting is April 30-May 3.   Throughout April, I want us to pray for spiritual revival and awakening.  Pray for preacher, Richard Trader, for the music and the congregation.  Pray for your lost family members and friends to come to Christ.We receive the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering two more Sundays.  We have exceeded our giving goal, but we have a nation to reach for Christ.  The number of unsaved in the U.S.A. makes America the third most populous lost country in the world!   I love you,         Brother Allanmore...

Doing Missions Today

Today our church is doing missions in a small town in western Washington.  There is one Southern Baptist church there, the Alder Street Baptist Church, which was damaged in 2007 by an extraordinary river flood.  The congregation is few in number and older in age.  They were swindled by an unscrupulous contractor, so they are now in debt and have been unable for 10 years to get their building back into useable shape.  By the grace of God and the generosity of our church, we should be able to leave them on Saturday in shape to grow.Missions is not merely benevolent social work, but is also a Gospel witness.  We hope to represent Jesus well— at the hotel, on the streets, in the building supply businesses, with the building inspector, and in the church.  Have you heard the saying: “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”?  We intend to show them how much we care and tell them in Whom we believe!  We have three project objectives—(1) To reclaim (resurrect!) eight classrooms with sheetrock ceilings and sheetrock walls, and with insulation and doors; (2) To properly heat the building by replacing the sanctuary unit, ducting the worship room, and by installing the current unit in the fellowship hall, using current floor ducting for that entire wing; and (3) To install a baptistery water heating and circulation unit.  In the process, we pray that the church will be encouraged and revived.  We pray that the community will know more about this Gospel outpost.  We have displayed a banner in front of the church: “Repairing the Building, Preparing for You.”The Lord willing, all of our team will see you this Sunday morning!I love you,         Brother AllanPS: Our Revival meeting is April 30-May 3.   Throughout April, I want us to pray together for spiritual revival, personal renewal and spiritual awakening.  Pray for the guest preacher, my friend Richard Trader, for the music and the congregation.  Pray for lost family and friends to come to Christ.more...

Tingle Notes


22 Years

North Shelby Baptist Church voted to call me to be the firstpastor on October 23, 1994, when the church was 11 monthsold. Our family was serving as missionaries on Curaçao, asmall Dutch island in the southern Caribbean, just 25 milesoff the Venezuelan shore.I was chairman of a volunteer team to coordinate our island’sparticipation in a Billy Graham Crusade effort called “GlobalMission.” Dr. Graham was to preach in San Juan, PuertoRico, in March 1995, with translation into Spanish. Serviceswere to be video-taped and transmitted by satellite to 70 othercountries, including Curaçao. Spanish translating on thevideo-tape was muted to allow us to have a Papiamentu (ourlanguage) translator. We had secured an open-air theater thatseated well over 1,000 for our evening programs. We hadprepared the witness/ counselor-training materials in our language,and several churches had agreed to host the ChristianLife & Witness course. I would teach the course in Baptist,Bible, and Pentecostal churches. I felt I should not moveuntil after the crusade. It was a great crusade. Several weresaved.Friday, March 24, 1995, five months after being called toNSBC, Mary and I and our four kids left our foreign churchplantingassignment to begin one stateside. I was officially“on duty” as of that evening, now 22 years ago. I did notknow the Lord would continue my assignment here thislong. I did expect His blessings on the church, which havebeen abundant.I am honored to be one of the Lord’s servants, and I lovebeing your pastor.Brother AllanPS: We welcome Bella Phillips, Andrew & ConstanceHudspeath (with young Drew), and Brandon & CourtneyEngland into the NSBC branch of God’s family.more...

Tingle Notes

3/16/17Good morning everyone!Good practice last night! However, we had several people missing. We only had three altos last night, for the second Wednesday night in a row. We need to pray for the Lord to send us some more altos! The sopranos were also missing several as well. You are missed when you are not there!Sunday, the Choral Call to Worship will be “The Heart of Worship” from the hymnal with the orchestra. The Choral Message will be “Lean on Me with I Need Thee Every Hour”—Soloist: Amanda Foree.As of this writing we do not have our Robing Room put back together, however, hopefully, by Sunday it will be and the robes will be in their appropriate places and available for use.My hope is in Christ Alone,Randy TinglePS: Good devotional.Practice Makes Permanentby Karen Morerod, Kansas City, KansasNo one born of God makes a practice of sinning, for God's seed abides in him, and he cannot keep on sinning because he has been born of God (I John 3:9).The students listened intently as the visiting college band played. After the song, the students asked questions."How did you get so good?" the curious middle-schooler asked."Well, with lots of practice," the college student answered, and then added, "You know, lots of people think practice makes perfect. But one of my professors once said, 'Practice makes permanent.' "She went on to explain that many times musicians practice a problem area over and over just until they get it right once. And then they move on to the rest of the piece. But her professor pointed out it's important to practice such sections many times the right way. Because how you practice it over and over becomes the permanent way it's performed.That's wise advice for our praise teams, choirs and church musicians. We know we will never reach perfection. But we do want to practice to get our music to a point that is conducive to worship. We should practice it the right way so it becomes permanent and ultimately beneficial to the congregation and glorifying to God.But I think we can take this truth further. We know we will never be perfect human beings. But, as followers of Jesus Christ, and leaders in our church, we want to be practicing the right behavior -- living a life that brings glory to God.Of course, the Bible reminds us that we still sin even if we are redeemed children of God. But, what life actions do we continue to repeat over and over? Is our day filled with continual gossip? Or do we squelch that temptation? Do we repeatedly watch questionable content on TV and the internet? Do we fill our minds with godless reading materials? Or do we have a practice of filtering what we put into our minds? Have we gotten into a rut of treating certain people unkindly? Have we developed a habit of deceit, dishonestly and deception? Or do we consistently attempt to treat others in a Christ-like manner?I think the college professor is right. What we continue to practice risks becoming permanent in our life.The Bible explained this truth many years ago. The Apostle John said if we are born again, we should be practicing a Godly way of living. We shouldn't keep sinning because Jesus abides in us. This isn't always easy, though! We have our fleshly desires that tempt us to do otherwise. But as we determine to practice the right way -- the Godly way -- then it becomes more and more natural.In my own life, I've struggled with responding in a compassionate and considerate way to others. I've found the more I ask God to control my tongue, the easier it is to practice kindness. I've seen my responses change over the years. And I know it's all because of God's seed growing in me, allowing me to develop more Christ-like behaviors.So, before we practice our music, let's first stop and check what we've been practicing in our personal lives. Have we been pleasing to God? Is our heart bent on making permanent life changes that glorify God? If so, our responses will become Christ-like more of the time -- and more permanent!more...

Of March and Missions

This is the windy month of March.  My neighbor’s tree split in an early morning wind gust last week. No one was hurt. Do you remember flying kites?  During our international missionary years, on a Saturday near our younger daughter’s birthday, March 16, we would invite our mission church group to a home-made kite contest held on a ball field nearby.  There were four contest categories: best looking, most creative, highest flying, and smoothest ascension.  Since my kids and I participated, I would ask a neighbor who was not in our church to judge.  Awards were a Big Mac Meal, and I would take the winners to McDonalds and pay the bill.
I don’t make and fly kites now that the kids are grown and the grandkids live 2,600 miles away, but I still look forward to March each year.  It is time to focus on Gospel missions in North America and giving to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering.  Our church goal is $34,500, over-and-above our regular tithe to support our church ministries.
Our church’s own North American mission projects begin this month, March 25-April 1, to Centralia, Washington.  Later we go to New York City to learn and do street witnessing.  We also go to Gatlinburg to rebuild a church that burned down in the recent forest fires. Pray for these projects.  You may want to give specific financial support.  You may want to serve on the NYC team or the Gatlinburg crew.  Call the church office to get connected.
Have a blessed March!I love you,         Brother AllanPS: We welcome Kim Bradley into the NSBC family.  (You will love Miss Kim.)more...