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You Are Always Welcome at North Shelby Baptist Church

Established in 1993 and growing, we are a “mid-size” congregation, conservative in doctrine and worship -- liberal in love and giving.We are a traditional Southern Baptist Church. Our ministry statement is "Loving God and One Another, Sharing Jesus with the World.""

Committed to the Great Commandment, Loving God and one another, our worship is heart-felt. You will find that we actively practice prayer and offer a close-knit church family for people of all ages.

Committed to the Great Commission, Sharing Jesus with the world NSBC is a missions minded church. Pastor Allan Murphy and Minister of Education Jon Jeffries are former foreign missionaries. Various volunteer mission teams travel in and outside of the USA to minister each year. We support and participate in the mission and ministries of the Southern Baptist Convention, the Alabama Baptist Convention, and the Shelby Baptist Association.

Conveniently located on US 280, on the slope of Double Oak Mountain, near Birmingham, Alabama.



9:00 a.m. Sunday School

10:15 a.m.  Worship in sanctuary; Children’s Worship in the Children’s area of educational building

5:00 p.m. Discipleship Classes

6:00 p.m Evening Worship


5:30 - 6:30 p.m. Fellowship Supper; $5 per adult / $3.25 per child under 12 yrs. (Call the church office at 995-9056 by noon on Monday for reservations)    

6:30 p.m. Bible studies and prayer meeting for adults; youth and children’s activities for all ages

visitor-sunday-school.jpgGrowing Together in God's Word

Have you thought about joining a Sunday School Class? You might be thinking, “Why should I? Or “What’s in it for me?”

Bible study at 9:00 a.m. every Sunday gives you a chance to learn more about God’s word, your relationship with him and your relationships with your family, neighbors and coworkers. As you grow closer to your fellow classmates, you’ll find that they become great friends and encouragers.


North Shelby Baptist Church is located on Double Oak Mountain off Highway 280.

From Birmingham, take Highway 280 East from I-459.
Go 6.6 miles over the crest of the mountain to Belcher Drive.
Turn right onto Belcher Drive; the campus is on a hill easily visible from Highway 280.

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North Shelby Baptist welcomes you and your child.  Your child is special to us.  It is our desire to minister to your child’s spiritual, physical, and emotional needs.  Our rooms are divided by age and staffed by trained and loving caregivers.  We are committed to providing a warm, caring, and secure environment for your child.

9:00 AM   Sunday School for children of all ages
10:15 AM  The R.O.C.K. for children in grades 1 -5

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Sunday Service Times

9:00AM Sunday School For All Ages

10:15AM & 6:00PM Worship Services

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Christmas Music

Christmas music at church is well underway.  The Deacon Christmas Banquet of December 1 featured gospel music artist Mark Bishop, singing traditional carols and several of his own compositions.  The past Sunday evening, December 3, brought us the sweet sounds of our Preschool Choir and Children’s Choir singing Christmas music.  The annual Family Christmas Music Showcase, also last Sunday evening, featured several of our church members playing and singing for Christ.  

This Sunday, December 10, at 6:00 pm, we worship under the leadership of the Church Choir, Student Ensemble,   Children’s Choir and orchestra, and   The following Sunday evening, December 17, our own Jerry Bullock and Georgia Murdock will be joined by Cheryl Ramsey and Melody Dean for a Four-Piano Concert.  The stage is literally set with four grand pianos and our large electronic piano/organ.  (The Church Choir will join the piano(s) on December 17.)
Sunday at church, December 24, begins with Sunday School, then Morning Worship, and ends with a 45-minute, 5:00-5:45, “Candles, Carols, & Communion.”  This annual event is a favorite for families.  Casual dress before your family’s Christmas Eve dinner helps us all focus on the “reason for the season”— the Christ of Christmas.
I love you,     Brother Allan
PS: Welcome Jim & Tara Schultz into the North Shelby   Baptist Church family, along with daughter Anna Kate.  I begin a six-sermon series this Sunday morning, based on a book by Thom Rainer, I Am a Church Member.  A copy is available for you.  Sundays, December 10 and 17 and then January 7, 14, 21, and 28, will complete the series and end my preaching as your pastor.more...


The Christmas Gift Shop of the Shelby Baptist Association “opened” this week. It is not a place to buy gifts; it is the place where Shelby County families in financial need receive Christmas gifts for their children, gifts that others have purchased for them. Our church “adopted” 75 children, and volunteer families bought three requested clothing items for each. All we had was the child’s first name, age, and the clothing list and sizes. Mary and I adopted a teenaged girl.Recipient families were interviewed to verify need and assigned a time to come to the Shop to get the clothing they asked for and to choose three toys appropriate for each child. Two buddies help each guest with selections. While toys are being wrapped and items packaged, buddies share the Good News of Christ and pray with the guest. Through the Christmas Gift Shop, some 25 to 30 adults come to Christ each year, and between 500 and 600 chil-dren get Christmas gifts.Our Christmas events begin with the Deacon Christmas Banquet this Friday night, December 1. Our Special Night Out Without Kids (S.N.O.W. Kids) is this Saturday night, from 5:00 until 8:00 pm. The Children’s Choir presents Christmas music this Sunday night, December 3, at 6:00. After the children sing, others will sing or play a Christmas song in our Family Christmas Showcase. The annual Christmas Goodies fellowship follows the music, at about 7:00 pm this Sunday night—if you bring samples of your Christmas specialties!Christmas music continues Sunday, December 10, 6:00 pm, with the Church Choir, Student Ensemble, and Children’s Choir. Sunday morning, December 17, at 10:15, we have our Tree of Remem-brance, remembering those who have gone to Heaven since last Christmas. Sunday evening, 6:00 pm, will be a Four-Piano Concert, backed up by our Church Choir. Sunday, Christmas Eve, December 24, from 5:00-5:45 pm, is our annual “Candles, Carols, & Commun-ion” service, this year with baptism, Christmas Scriptures read by the Mercier Family, and the Lord’s Supper. I chose red and green non-flammable “candles” this year. We start promptly at 5:00 and end promptly at 5:45, so you can have your family Christmas Eve.I love you,Brother AllanPS: Welcome Benjamin Lane and Benton Lane for baptism (on Christmas Eve) and as church members. We grieve the deaths of baby Kathryn Leah Speegle and Mrs. Ann Goodwin since publish-ing our last newsletter. Pray for their families.more...


This coming Lord’s Day morning, November 26, I plan to preach a Thanksgiving sermon.  
Psalm 103:1-5— “Bless the LORD, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name. Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits: Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases; Who redeemeth thy life from destruction; who crowneth thee with lovingkindness and tender mercies; Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle's.”
For many of our married years, we have lived in the Birmingham area.  My parents were nearly three hours south and Mary’s parents three hours east.  All four of our parents worked hourly jobs.  They couldn’t come stay with us.  My ministry did not allow weekends off, but holidays usually fall on weekdays.  With the distance, however, it was impossible for us to go to both parents (grandparents) the same holiday.  We compromised by spending Thanksgiving and New Year’s with the Love’s and Christmas with the Murphy’s.Thanksgiving at the Love’s found us cooking with Mama Love, decorating and setting the table.  Mary’s brothers came with their kids.  After lunch was time for the annual family touch football game in the front yard.  Mama Love—do you remember her?—usually played; then there were the six of our family, Mary’s twin brother with wife and two daughters, and Mary’s older brother with wife and stepson; that made 14 players.  It was not at all violent, but it was competitive!
One Thanksgiving, we were playing, and our Jane, maybe 8 at the time, called her team together: “All right, let’s cuddle!”  I explained with laughter, “Sweetheart, it’s ‘huddle’ not ‘cuddle.’”  Actually, maybe it was more cuddling, loving one another!
Before Thanksgiving lunch one year we each had to say one thing we were thankful, and then we prayed.  Another year, we each wrote one thankful thing on a piece of notebook paper, and the pray-er thanked the Lord for each specific blessing.  We have had memorable Thanksgivings.  How about you?
I love you,     Brother Allan
PS: Great response so far to the Tin Can Bowl.  There‘s one more Sunday and Wednesday to “score” for your team.more...

Safe at Church?

Sunday morning at the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, TX, was chosen by an unstable man to vent his anger at his former wife and her family. That church was unprepared for an “active shooter.” Is our church prepared?We have greeters on Sunday mornings at all entrances. We have a secu-rity team Sunday morning and evening, and we will begin to do some-thing similar on Wednesday evenings. There are over 35 cameras that monitor outside doors, interior halls, our children’s area, youth area, fellowship hall and sanctuary. Vigilant eyes watch the monitors. We have professional law enforcement and security personnel in regular attendance. We are also contracting with off-duty deputies to help us, even slowing traffic of 280, on Sunday mornings.We have a “no firearm” policy for our building only on Election Day. (People do tend to “go crazy” on Election Day!)On weekdays, our building is secured by magnetic locks. There is a buzzer with a camera at several entrances, which allow office and min-istry staff to monitor who is allowed to enter. Approved persons are “buzzed in.”We have hosted and attended several church safety conferences in re-cent years. On Saturday, January 20, 2018, there will be an Active Shooter Training event at First Baptist Church, Columbiana. You may want to register.What happened in Texas was a mental health tragedy, a social tragedy, and a spiritual tragedy. Since that church is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, our North American Mission Board, on the behalf of the Southern Baptist Convention, offered to cover funeral expenses for all shooting victims in coordination with the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention. (Some of you asked if we should send funds. We helped provide funds through the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering and the Cooperative Program.)I love you, Brother AllanPS: We welcome Joe & Shirley Spain into the North Shelby Baptist Church membership.PPS: Thank God for the leadership of Lynda Freeman and Pam Capps! NSBC packed 1,231 Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes!more...

Jesus Loves The Little Children

This Sunday, November 12, is our Shoebox Parade, a public presen-tation of gifts in shoeboxes for children across the globe, various gifts that they need with a Gospel tract or booklet in their own lan-guage telling them about God’s greatest gift for the whole world. Jesus loves all the children of the world through you and me! We are involved in the delivery of His love.Bring a packed shoebox, or two or three, this Sunday. Include a check for $9.00 payable to “Samaritan’s Purse,” with a memo for “Operation Christmas Child,” for each box to cover shipping costs and the purchase of the local language Gospel materials.Keep your box(es) with you until our Children’s Church kids march in with boxes we have already packed this year. Brother Ben Gilli-land will end the kids’ march in his power chair, and then we will bring up our boxes, which volunteers will stack across the pulpit platform. Last year, we gave 814 packed shoeboxes. How many will we give this year?All the month of November, we gather canned and packaged goods that will be given to the hungry in Shelby County. I call it the “Tin Can Bowl,” in obvious reference to the Iron Bowl football game at month’s end between Auburn and Alabama. In the Tin Can Bowl, each can or package will count for AU or UA, depending on which side of the hall you leave your donations. (In the unlikely event you have not chosen between these in-state rivals, bring your donations to the Church Office, and they will be delivered with the rest, be-cause the real goal is to feed the hungry!)I love you,Brother AllanPS: It was a sweet baptism and Lord’s Supper this past Sun-day. Our next Lord’s Supper is Christmas Eve, which will be Sun-day evening, December 24, 5:00-5:45 pm. My Mary reminded me that we have baptized at the Candles, Carols, and Communion ser-vice. If you want to bear witness to Christ as Savior and Lord through baptism, we can talk about Christmas Eve.more...

Tingle Notes

 10/26/17 Good morning, everyone! Last night’s practice was excellent, GOOD attendance!  It is so refreshing to have a good number at choir on Wednesday night!  Practice is significantly better; it is more enthusiastic, and far more enjoyable!    I introduced our “Veterans Day (weekend)” music/musical tonight.  I have CD’s for you to listen to help you learn the music.  It is titled “We Believe: A Call for Revival in America.” I believe it has a message the church needs to hear today.  Too many of our citizens do not know or want to accept that this nation was founded on Biblical principles, by men with a moral compass; many of them were Christian men, believing the Bible, and its importance in our nation.  They knew that only if we keep our eyes on God, the Bible, and the principles it teaches would this nation prosper or even continue to be a nation.  Our founding fathers pledged their lives, their possessions and their sacred honor to give us our freedom.  Let’s not turn our heads or fail to recognize their contribution to our freedom!  Let us never take a knee in protest of our flag, or our national anthem!  Our nation is not perfect, and we are not a perfect people. There has only been one perfect person and that is Jesus Christ our Savior and Redeemer!  However, our nation is the best option out there today.    Thousands upon thousands of our veterans have given their lives and shed their blood to give us our freedom.  It is for their sacrifice that we recognize one day/weekend each year, remembering the price they paid.  God Bless America! This Sunday, the Choral Call to Worship will be “Every Praise with In the Sanctuary.”  The Musical Message will be “It Is Well with My Soul,” presented by our student ensemble.. The following is the Christmas music we are singing, page numbers, song titles, and books:16   A Fun Festive Medley                   It’s Christmas Time  (Green Book)75   Fruitcake  {Oops probably not}   It’s Christmas Time  (Green Book)   121   Christmas Worship Medley        Christmas!  We Remember  (Red Book)138   Bethlehem Morning                    Christmas!  We Remember  (Red Book)100   Come and Worship Medley        It’s Christmas Time  (Green Book)120   A Manger Medley                        It’s Christmas Time  (Green Book)131   The Bethlehem Christmas         It’s Christmas Time  (Green Book)         Hallelujah Chorus                       Octavo Tick—tock, tick—tock, we only have four (4) more practices until our first Dress Rehearsal of the Christmas music (December 6th)!  I hope you have your CD’s and are listening. Remember: December 10th and 17th are our Christmas music presentation dates.  December the 6th and 13th are “Dress Rehearsals” from 6:30 to 8:30 in the Sanctuary.  We will need everyone there to practice with the choir and our instrumentalists on both dress rehearsal nights: Adults, Children, and Orchestra.  The Students will need to be at dress rehearsal, Wednesday, December 6th, to practice the multi-generational choir music.  See you Sunday!  Come prepared to lead in worship.  Randy Tingle Production Team:  The students will be in the Sanctuary at 9:00, immediately following Orchestra practice, to do a sound check.

Guard Your Heart by Tom Kraeuter, Hillsboro, Missouri Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life. (Proverbs 4:23)                     A friend of mine -- a really big guy who used to play football for the Air Force -- once accompanied me on a weekend ministry trip. At one point I jokingly introduced him as my bodyguard. Later, an older lady approached him and asked, "Are you really his bodyguard?" My friend just laughed. He assured her that he was just a friend along for the trip.That's become a running joke between my friend and me, that he's my bodyguard. Actually, though, bodyguards are not generally a joking matter. I remember when President Ronald Reagan was shot. One of his Secret Service agents jumped in the way to protect the President. The guard was seriously wounded, but Reagan was shielded from further injury. Being a guard is no trivial matter.Lots of places and people have guards. Banks. Celebrities. Military bases. High tech companies. Even some everyday businesses located in crime-ridden areas have guards.People who know about such things have told me that some of the best guards are off-duty or former police officers because they have much of the necessary training. They know a bit about the criminal mindset, are generally in good physical shape, know something about self-defense and know how to use a firearm. As a guard, if they need to actually defend the person or institution from attack, they're prepared.So, in the context of our verse for today, what does it mean to "guard your heart"?Well, it seems to me that if we're truly going to guard our hearts, then we need to be vigilant about it, just like people who are guards for a living. We need to take our job seriously. Maybe some of the attributes of guards that I mentioned earlier would benefit us.Know your enemy. Do you realize you have an enemy? Of course we generally are willing to acknowledge that we have an enemy, but often we don't actually live as though we do. "Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour" (1 Peter 5:8). He doesn't want to play with you; he wants to devour you. Be on your guard, aware of his tactics.Be in good spiritual shape. Are you growing in your walk with the Lord. I don't mean just going to church on Sunday morning. When our children were very young, we had to feed them. They couldn't do it on their own. As they matured, however, they became able not only to feed themselves, but to find the food on their own. As Christians, it isn't just the pastor's job to feed us spiritual food. We have a responsibility to feed ourselves. We should be growing in God's Word, prayer and in our relationship with Him.Know how to defend against attack. This is where our study -- not just occasional reading of a few verses -- of Scripture comes in. We need to be able to confidently wield the Sword of God's Word. When the enemy comes at us with his lies, we need to know the truth of what the Lord says. Are you learning and growing in order to be able to defend against attacks?If you're involved in the worship ministry of your church, then part of what you do is to help point people toward God. If you're not guarding your heart in your own relationship with Him, you won't have much to offer on Sunday mornings.You might respond, "But I'm just the bass player" or "I'm only a singer." It makes no difference. Guard your heart. It is the wellspring of life. 


Coming Up

This Sunday afternoon is Fall Festival, a kids’ event we all can en-joy as we meet the families who come with their youngsters.The Festival runs from 4:00 until 7:00 pm. Help with the games, if you can, to make them fun and safe, but the spiritual purpose is to influence families and individuals for Christ. Many of us Baptists were introduced to Christ at Vacation Bible School, while enjoying cookies and Kool-Aid and making bird houses or shoe-shine box-es. Evangelist Ken Freeman said he went to church one night with a high school friend to eat some chicken and meet some chicks. He was saved that night. The Fall Festival method may be flashy, with a “carnival midway,” candy, hotdogs, and deacons serving chili, but the message is “Rock solid” and profoundly and eternally life changing.Many of the families who will come Sunday evening are active in their churches and are just looking for something safe, fun, and inexpensive for their kids. Some who come are looking for some-thing good for their kids, but they are not part of any church—yet!We always have a variety of nationalities and needs. Our “friendly church” has an opportunity to befriend some families we may never meet otherwise. Wear your NSBC name badge, if you can find it, and talk to people. Who knows who might come to Christ and to His church because of our Fall Festival and your conversation!So far we have two women and two boys to be baptized on Novem-ber 5, my last scheduled opportunity to baptize here at NSBC. The next baptism and Lord’s Supper is set for February 4.Have you been baptized since you were saved? Let me know if you are ready to show your faith through believer’s baptism.I love you,Brother Allan PS: This Sunday morning is the final Command of Christ: “Make Disciples.”more...

Tingle Notes

10/19/17 Good afternoon, everyone! Last nights practice was good, however we did have many of our ladies absent.  Also, what you need to know!!!!  We only have five (5) more practices until our first Dress Rehearsal of the Christmas music (December 6th)!  I hope you have your CD’s and are listening.  Much of our music is written by Clydesdale.  His music is written in a way that you cannot miss a bunch of practices, and just depend on your sight reading abilities to get you through.  It just will not happen!  We ALLLLL need to be here on Wednesday night!  Please do not miss another practice if you plan on singing in our Christmas program.  This program will be my last Christmas musical at North Shelby and I was hoping to have a full choir; however that does not look like it will happen based on our most recent practices.  Another observation is it is evident from our absence that the choir is not that big of a priority in the life of North Shelby Baptist Church.  I guess we will be going down a road that is heavily traveled.  That of no choir, only a praise team or ensemble, very sad!  This Sunday, the Choral Call to Worship will be “Every Praise with In the Sanctuary.”  The Choral Message will be “The Healer,” soloist: Susane Parsons. Remember: December 10th and 17th are our Christmas music presentation dates.  December the 6th and 13th are “Dress Rehearsals” from 6:30 to 8:30 in the Sanctuary.  We will need everyone there to practice with the choir and our instrumentalists on both dress rehearsal nights: Adults, Children, and Orchestra.  The Students will need to be at dress rehearsal, Wednesday, December 6th, to practice the multi-generational choir music.  Remember we have some choir and orchestra members that have allergies and some of them are allergic to perfumes.  Please remember that when you are getting ready on Sunday morning.  Please use perfumes sparingly or not at all if possible.  Some allergies can literally keep a person from being able to sing or play their instrument. See you Sunday!  Come prepared to lead in worship.  Randy Tingle


Fall Festival

Thanks for participating in Friend Day.  Two of my neighbor families came—five people total—plus a young couple that I married four weeks ago, who live now in Chelsea.  None of my fellow cardio-rehab patients and gym friends made it.  I had invited them all to lunch afterwards.  Even getting six friends from our church to eat with us, I still only spent 40% of what I budgeted.  My Mary asked me who came up with the Friend Day challenge.  I guess I did.  The music Sunday was outstanding!!!Sunday, October 29, 4:00 to 7:00 pm, is Fall Festival at North Shelby Baptist Church.  Our goal is to provide a free, fun, and safe experience for kids which will bring families onto our campus, so that we can show Christ’s love to them.  After a meal of home-made chili prepared by our 28 deacons and hot dogs, chips, and cookies prepared by our kitchen team, Children’s Minister Julie Donavan will explain the Gospel message.  We expect hundreds to show up, so we need hundreds of volunteers, for everything from set-up to parking to shuttle driving to registration to monitoring games to the popcorn machine to take-down and clean-up.Pray.Volunteer [write julie@northshelbybaptist.org or call her at (205) 995-9056].Bring candy or give to the “Children’s Ministry Fund” to purchase what is needed.Come to the Festival, wearing your church name badge, to welcome our guests and put in a good word for the Lord and the church.  (We will loan you a church volunteer tee-shirt.  In case it is finally cool, wear the tee-shirt over your long sleeves.)After the Festival, help Mrs. Julie contact the guests who register that they want to know more about NSBC.
I love you,     Brother Allan
PS:  We welcome Warren & Leigh Fran Jones into the North Shelby Baptist Church membership!  PPS: I have only two more sermons in the Sunday morning “Commands of Christ” sermon series—“Feed the Sheep” and “Make Disciples.”  There are four more sermons in the Sunday evening “Miracles of Christ” sermon series.more...

Friend Day

uples I am going to invite. One couple has lived across the street for the 22 years we have been in our house. He was Muslim but now says he is a sinner. We have talked often about Christ. His wife is Christian. She attends mass each Sun-day. Maybe if he will come, so will she. She has attended our Easter pageants. The other couple lives next door. We talk often. His brother is a missionary in Utah. After nearly a life-time as a bachelor, he asked me to officiate at his wedding. They are a sweet couple.Obviously, these couples may or may not come, but having the emphasis gives me motivation to invite them. It’s interesting that each Sunday morning our church has visitors, even Hurri-cane Nate Sunday! At least one whose church services were cancelled came. A couple and their married son visited the first time, after just moving from Meridian, MS. Several other visi-tors came for the baby dedication.We follow up according to the cues they give, sometimes with a text message or e-mail, sometimes with a phone call or visit. May our sanctuary be full to overflowing this coming Sunday!I love you,Brother AllanPS: My Uncle Harold would invite us to visit, but would kid-dingly add: “If you can’t come, send money!” I am not kidding when I remind you that even if weather (or anything else) keeps you away, your church still depends on your faithful giving to maintain the ministries. If you can’t attend, send in your tithe (or give on-line).more...